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The popularity of Dominican baseball players in the US has spurred the development of the Dominican sports industry and brought into play JCP’s expertise in negotiating, contract drafting, and marketing strategies, among others. Both baseball teams and their players turn to JCP multidisciplinary team for solutions of business issues and disputes concerning labor, real estate, services, intellectual property, tax and media matters.

JCP’s superb working knowledge of the field allows it to successfully represent the Major League Baseball, as well as major baseball teams, in regard to investments in the Dominican Republic, promoting their interests at the legislative and executive level and defending their rights in local courts and arbitration proceedings.

The recent adoption of the Law on Promotion of Film Industry has firmly put the country on the map as one of the prime locations for film productions and studios. JCP lawyers understand the full specter of issues involved in each step of the film production process: from raising finance and contract negotiations to importation of raw materials, capital, equipment and services.


  • Sports and film employment contracts
    • Negotiations and drafting, including collective bargaining agreements
    • Litigation in local courts and arbitration proceedings
  • Real estate transactions
    • Acquisition and leases of land, buildings and facilities
    • Tax optimization
    • Enforcement of property rights in local courts
  • Government relations
    • Representation during drafting stages of laws and regulations on various issues concerning sports and film industries
    • Negotiation of tax incentives
  • Financing of operations in the Dominican Republic
  • Taxation

Key Representations

  • Representation of Washington Nationals in establishing presence in the Dominican Republic, including employment agreements, real estate matters, service agreements and litigation
  • Representation of Nuevo Mundo Films studio in raising finance, negotiation of various contracts with writers and production related agreements

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